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Research Project

Research Project
Throughout this course, we have looked at topics that influence society in some fashion. For
your final project, you will be required to complete an in-depth research project based on a
current bioethical issue. This project consists of a 1500-word paper that will be due on the last
day of class. Research topics, deadlines, and scoring rubrics will be provided.
1. Choose a topic from the list given or choose a topic of your own.
2. Develop a question and research your topic so that you can prepare an outline that contains all
the information needed to write a paper.
a. Your outline should contain three major sections, as listed below starting in 3g.
b. Use abbreviated outline form, but do not use single words. Use phrases. If you prefer
sentence form, you may also do that.
c. Be sure that you have used MLA citation style in your “works cited” and your internal
citations in your outline (yes, they have to be there!!)
3. Write a paper that contains the following elements:
a. A cover page with the title, your name, class, and the date submitted.
b. About 1500 words to 2000 to cover the topic ( It takes about 1800 for a paper that covers
the material at an “A” level.) This is 5-6 pages using Times New Roman font, 12 point,
double- spaced with 1 inch margins on all sides (with correct spelling and grammar, of course)
c. Quotations of 100 words total, or less (placed where appropriate and effective.) “More” in
this case, is not necessarily “better”. Do not surpass 100 words quoted over all, but have at
least one appropriate quote.
d. Internal citations for quotes and paraphrasing throughout the paper, documented according
to the MLA Style). All internal citations must have a “Works Cited” entry referring to them.
e. A “Works Cited” (references) page with references documented according to the MLA
Handbook. All “Works Cited” references must have an internal citation in the body of the
paper referring back to them.
f. A minimum of 5 reference sources. None may be from a general encyclopedia, More than
5 references may be cited. Attempt to balance the references among viewpoints.
g . Your paper should include the following information:
1. A cover page with a centered title, your name, class and date.
2. A section introducing the bioethical question and containing scientific background
information and a historical perspective. The biological basis of the topic will be
addressed and explained in this section. (This will take about two pages, if well done. Be
sure you use internal citations throughout.)
3. The viewpoints about the bioethical issues with a substantive section explaining
various perspectives. Delineate each viewpoint and describe the arguments supporting
that viewpoint. Do not argue for any one perspective. (Again, be sure the citations are
complete and correct.)
4. A considered opinion, backed by ethics, supporting your viewpoint of the ethical use
of this technology. This is the time to take an ethical stand, and argue the ethical
viewpoint constructively. (This is not the time for a rant!! A scholarly paper is done in
a non-emotional, even-handed manner.) Be sure to cite any sources you use and base
your response in ethics. Use third person. The word “I” should never appear in your
5. Your “Works Cited” page in proper MLA style, double spaced throughout. Be sure
that your URLs are done correctly.
On the due date, you will:
6. Hand in one copy of the finished paper. This includes a cover page, the body of the paper,
and your “works cited” page after your last page of text. The paper will not be accepted without
a “works cited” page attached to each copy. If there is no title/cover sheet, you will be docked
points. Your paper should also be emailed to me as well.
Research Topics
1. clean water: what’s the problem?
2. responsibility and response to emerging diseases such as HIV, Ebola, Covid flu, etc
3. genetically modified bacteria–threat/promise
4. US response to non-endemic diseases (think malaria, polio, yellow fever)
5. shortages of organs for organ replacement
6. patents on genes and gene products
7. use of knowledge of a person’s genome
8. xenotransplantation
9. needs of endangered animals vs the needs of people
10. cloning of extinct animals
11. selection of a child’s genetic characteristics
12. stem cell therapy to treat genetic diseases
13. cloning technologies for infertile couples
14. growth enhancements (as in growth hormones) for meat animals
15. antibiotic resistance (MRSA, TB, etc.)
16. environmental risks of biotechnology in agriculture
17. biopharmaceuticals testing of animals
18. experimental gene therapy use in humans
19. frozen embryo ownership
20. use of information from the Human Genome Research Project
21. transgenics and evolution
22. use of cells/tissues removed during surgical processes or after death
23. Religious vs scientific ethics (warning……difficult! This is not merely an opinion
paper or rant!)
24. use of biological agents in bioterrorism
25. irradiation of our food supply
26. use of bioengineered (transgenic) crops to feed humans (safety)
27. genetically altered fish as a protein source
28. fish farming and its effect on the environment
29. DNA vaccines to control disease
30. using antibacterial routinely for control of bacteria
31. use of biotechnology to extend age in humans
32. plastics in the environment (PCBs, the Pacific Gyre)
33. owner of scientific knowledge?
34. responsibilities of scientists to the public
35. epigenetics-new and exciting
36. global warming-our response is?
37. surrogate births
38. overfishing of oceanic resources
39. alternate fuel sources-biofuels
40. alternate fuel sources-non-biological
41. “green” transportation
42. building “green”
43. clean energy
44. Should great apes have rights?
45. Are zoos ethical?
Biology Paper Rubric
Item Available Pts
Earned Pts
Cover page 5
5-6 Pages in length 5
References in Proper Format 10
5 References (at least one print) 5
Scientific background with a historical perspective 20
(body) Various Opinion/Perspectives 25
Your Opinion 20
Grammar/Spelling 10

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