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Research Project Paper

For your research project, please write a research essay exploring a current social issue affecting Chicana/o/x and/or Latina/o/x communities. For example: climate change, first-generation college students, immigration policies, mental health, and more. Some research questions to explore in your paper: Why are you interested in learning more about this topic? How does it affect you personally? What are some possible solutions to this social issue?

Weight: 20% of final grade

Research Steps Weight
Research Topic 5%
Research Project 10%
Total: 20%

Purpose of Assignment:
This is an opportunity to put into practice what we’ve learned over the semester: essay format, hook sentences, thesis statements, transition words, MLA style, etc.

Audience & Tone:
Think of your audience as your classmates in this course, your instructor, and more broadly a college community. In this paper you are entering into conversation with all of us. Your tone and language will need to reflect this college audience (for example, avoid texting language which is a valid communication form via texting but not your audience here such as “i,” “got,” and “things.”)

• 5 full pages, not including Works Cited
• typed
• double-spaced
• 12-point and Times Roman or another common font
• 1-1.5 inch margins
• pages numbered with last name
• no additional spaces between paragraphs
• at least 3 sources (one needs to be a scholarly source such as a book or scholarly article)

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