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Reservation Sales Agent – Performance Management System

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This assessment task requires you to prepare a Formal Report covering the eight (8) identified criteria as detailed in the assessment task.

The report should be no less than 1500 words, must be word processed and formatted in a report style. The report must include an Executive Summary, Table of Contents and bibliography. Use the report template provided to complete this and also add the template for the ‘Competency based job description’ to the report.

The following information is provided to assist you complete the assessment task

  1. An advertisement for the position of Reservation Sales Agent.
  2. The new employee who filled the Reservations Sales Agent position is Jennifer Pearce. It is now three (3) months since Jennifer commenced in this position
  3. About Jenifer’s performance.

Jennifer is well informed on all aspects of her duties as her job knowledge – both systems based and product knowledge is satisfactory. She is cooperative and always willing to assist her colleagues with her knowledge.  However her quality of work is really not yet quite up to standard as she consistently makes common mistakes that could be avoided if she would apply more effort to check for accuracy and ensure neatness in her work.

Assessment Task

You are the Reservations Manager of a Wholesale travel company, the Global Touring Company.

Your CEO has asked you to establish the Performance Management System for the newly created position of Reservation Sales Agent, using the information contained in advertisement for the position.

You are required to prepare a comprehensive report which will contain all the necessary information and documentation relevant to the performance management of the Reservation Sales Agent.

Your CEO has told you that they would like to implement this system across all positions within the company if they are satisfied that your recommendations represent, industry best practice for managing staff performance.

Your comprehensive report must address the following criteria:-

  1. Establish Key Result Areas for the Reservation Sales Agent position
  2. Create a template for a competency based Job Description then draft the Job Description for the Reservation Sales Agent position using this template
  3. Describe, in detail, how the employee performance will be monitored and how feedback will be given to them
  4. Describe, in detail, the guidance and support mechanisms that will be available to the employee.
  5. Make recommendations for a Recognition and Reward Scheme for the Reservation Sales Agent position and explain why you believe the scheme will be effective.
  6. Create the template that will be used to conduct a formal performance appraisal for the employee. Detail the frequency with which the appraisals will be conducted and the methodology that will be used.
  7. Write procedures necessary to prepare for, and conduct a performance appraisal and describe how training outcomes for the employee will be identified and achieved.
  8. Write the counselling procedures, both formal and informal, that will apply to the employee should there be performance issues and describe how feedback will be given to the employee and by whom.

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