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Resume and cover letter

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Business Writing

Assignment:  Resume/Cover Letter


To create a resume.  To write a targeted cover letter.


Your resume will be created to highlight your skills and accomplishments for a general audience.  Your cover letter will be targeted to a specific audience you choose by searching for a job opening on or a similar site.  You must include a printed copy of this job advertisement with your materials.

I have already searched for a job I want to apply: (cosmetics marketing assistant)

website: file:///Users/apple/Desktop/Cosmetics%20Marketing%20Assistant%20Job%20in%20Sacramento%2095815,%20California%20US.webarchive

I will read these as if I were reviewing them for the job.  For example, if the job asks for “excellent communication skills” but doesn’t mention computer skills, I will focus on how you’re portraying your writing and speaking abilities.  In contrast, if the job is highly technical, I will focus on how you cover your experience with the technical skills, either directly or related to prior experiences.  (In other words, if you don’t know “C++ programming language” but the job demands it, you should address the computer programming skills you do have and make the case you could learn quickly.)

Important: Be sure to focus on the skills (requirements) the job is looking for!!!


Create job application materials for an actual position you’ve found.  Try to treat the assignment as much like a real job search as possible, including considering how to rhetorically persuade your audience that you are right for the job.  You will submit the following materials in print:

  • A resume (one full page: single space)
  • A copy of the job opening you’re pretending to apply for
  • A copy of a cover letter targeted to that job opening (one full page: single space)

Use proper format for the resume and cover letter.

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