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Review of Action Research Studies

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Article Critique

Guidelines and Grading Rubric for Review of Action Research Studies

1. Each Review paper reviews two peer-reviewed action research studies of closely related topics;
2. the review of each study includes two parts: a summary and a critique;
3. In the summary, students will summarize a) the purpose (or research questions), b) the connection between the purpose and the literature, c) the design and methods, and d) the findings of each study, with an emphasis on the findings;
4. When critique, students will analyze the strengths and weakness of the each study focusing on their designs and findings, and explain how the studies inform your own action research topics;
5. APA style (6th edition) of referencing is required; APA format of levels (tiers) organization is preferred. Each Review paper will be of 3-5 pages.

Journals to start with:
1. Action Research
2. Educational Action Research
3. i.e.: inquiry in education
4. Action Learning: Research and Practice
5. Educational Research for Social Change

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