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The allocation of entrepreneur is Ray Kroc.
You need to research the entrepreneur and/or their organisation to assess how they meet the characteristics of an entrepreneur. The assessment will be written in a Report format. Your report should reflect the entrepreneur�s, or their organisation�s, life, success or failure stories, challenges faced etc.

�The word limit is 2000 words. 10% deviation either way will be accepted.
�At least 2 journal articles references and 3 current media references should be furnished to theoretically support your Report.
�should be included specifically address these points:
1. Give a summary of your entrepreneur or organisation. What do they do, how did they start etc
2. How do you believe they fare against these standard characteristics of an entrepreneur:Engage in teamwork, good communication skills, creative,innovative, risk-taker and are ethical responsible.
3. What other characteristics does your entrepreneur or organisation display? Give examples.
4. What is the vision of the entrepreneur or organisation? Do you believe they live up to this vision?
5. What was the main source of their start-up capital?
6. How did they overcome any failures they may have had?
7. How did they celebrate any successes?
8. What do you believe their future holds?
9. What do you believe is the main lesson a budding entrepreneur should learn from this entrepreneur?

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