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Rhetorical Analysis Paper: The Other Wes Moore

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Rhetorical Analysis Paper: The Other Wes Moore
Discussion: The rhetorical analysis assignment asks you to engage in a more complex writing task than earlier assignments. For this assignment, I ask that you write a rhetorical analysis of the non-fiction book, The Other Wes Moore, by Wes Moore. Additionally, I ask that you include an exploration of the book as a postmodern text.
As you consider The Other Wes Moore, begin exploring its rhetorical features (or appeals). You may find the following questions helpful:
What is the writer’s ethos? What is the other Wes Moore’s (the anti-hero’s) ethos? What is the ethos of the text as a whole? How does the writer expect the reader to respond to his ethos?
How does the writer use pathos? Are your sympathies with the writer or with the other Wes Moore, or both? Which textual examples rely most heavily on pathos? Does the writer desire particular emotional responses from the reader? Which ones and why? Does the text leave the reader satisfied? Why or why not?
How does the writer appeal to logos? Does he include “hard facts” into his narrative? The writer alternates between two narratives. Do you find the anecdotal quality of the work strong enough to support the writer’s explicit and implicit arguments? Why or why not?
As you analyze The Other Wes Moore, consider how the definition of the book as a postmodern text informs your understanding. Some questions to explore:
Is the structure of the book important? Why or why not?
How does the ambiguity of the title of the book help you understand the characters?
How do the contrasting perspectives inform the writer’s argument?
How does the writer approach meaning and/or truth? Does the writer acknowledge or reject absolutes?
Task: Please write a 5-page analysis of the non-fiction book, The Other Wes Moore, paying special attention to its rhetorical features. As a part of your analysis, explore how postmodernism informs Moore’s argument(s). Your paper should include a strong focus or thesis statement.
Format: Computer-generated, MLA, 4-5 pages in length, 10-12 font, in-text and Work Cited citations.
Proposal: Please create an outline or “scratch” outline of your paper. Include a thesis or working thesis. Your proposal must be typed or computer-generated.

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