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Risk Register & Network Diagram

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Identify the first, end, main and dependent activities for network diagram and durations from the following tasks:

  1. Tasks list:

The project includes the following:

Pre Announcement 12­9 months prior to ride

  • Develop campaign to promote the ride
  • Identify audience to promote the ride to
  • Set up website for the registration
  • Go to database with the announcement of the ride
  • Confirm supplier availability of dates proposed
  • Establish minimum and maximum numbers of riders to ensure ride is within field of tolerance
  • Develop budget to determine the cost of the ride per rider 
Time of Announcement 9 months prior to the ride
  • Activate campaign announcing the opening of the ride
  • Respond to enquiries and registration of riders
  • Collection of payments for deposits
  • Monitor the numbers to prevent excess registrations
  • Lead up to the Ride 6 months prior to departure
  • Monthly communication with the riders
  • 3 month training program
  • Liaise with suppliers in Thailand re accommodation and numbers
  • Assist the riders in their individual fundraising efforts
  • Review and update risk matrix
  • Review and update insurance cover
  • Book Hotels, Flights
  • Design the riding kit
  • Seek sizing from each of the riders for their riding kit
  • Ensure each of the riders are on track with the training and fundraising
  • Receipt of riding kit from Italy and dispatch of riders bags to each of the riders, both national 
and international
  • Final list of riders to suppliers and hotels
  • Communicate with those riders who have failed to raise the minimum amount to qualify
  • Ensure each of the riders
  • Payment to suppliers
  • Website facilitating donations

During the ride

  • Introduction briefing to each of the riders
  • Bike fit
  • Movement from each hotel and day or riding
  • Dealing with injury and/or illness
  • Manage the capacity of the riders and their experience
  • Social media campaign to promote experience
  • Post the ride
  • Safe completion of the ride
  • Final ride dinner
  • Partners program
  • Interaction with children’s home
  • Exit survey
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Located at:

* Internet referencing are those references that are identified solely through the internet – these are not classified as e­journals. Internet sources need to be assessed carefully. White papers are an accepted resource but again the depth of information contained within should provide value and should come from a trusted internet source. For example, Gartner, IBM, SAP, Forrester. If unsure email either myself or your tutors for clarification. Computerworld, Newsweek and other assorted magazines are not acceptable reference material for this type of academic paper.

  1. 8 to 10 pages for developing a risk register by refering to the case study(attached), tasks list below, and depend on academic references (please see references below).
  2. one page for the network diagram for project management:

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