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Romantic Relationships

Here are the instructions for the term paper. I chose to do my term paper on b. Romantic Relationships

There will be one term paper (5-6 full pages of text, not including title and reference pages, is acceptable). Term papers must use APA format and must properly use and bold or highlight at least six key terms or concepts from our class relevant to the chosen topic. You can choose any ONE of these topics for your paper:

b. Romantic Relationships: Discuss concepts relevant to relationship building such as communication and intimacy. Examine research regarding relationship maintenance and/or termination. You must include at least two key psychological theories of romantic relationships from class that fit with the information you include in your paper.       

Here are some key terms or concepts from the class lectures to highlight in the paper.

There are several theories about relationships. We will review a few of these in some detail. These theories and perspectives include:

Sociobiology: Sexual Strategies Theory

Reinforcement Theory: Byrne’s Law of Attraction

Triangular Theory of Love




Love Story

Attachment Theory of Love

Biological (and neurological) Perspective of Love

Two-Component Theory of Love
relationship satisfaction or dissolution
Here are some articles to include in the paper/citation.

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