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Self Care

Self-Care and Lifelong Learning Assignment: The self-care and lifelong learning assignment

includes two steps: Step one is to complete self-care. Step two is to write a one-page informal

paper responding to guided questions. The Self-Care and Lifelong Assignment is placed into

the student portfolio (NURS 1100)


Self-Care/Lifelong Learning Assignment Instructions: It is vital for nurses to practice adequate self-care to promote their own health and well-being, so they are best able to care for others. The phrase “Put Your Own Oxygen Mask on First” is essential for nurses to follow. The RN to BSN program incorporates self-care and lifelong learning as part of Professional Nursing Practice and Health Promotion. Self-care includes aspects of lifelong learning. NURS 400 includes nurse self-care and how self-care/health promotion can be promoted in communities and populations. In this course, complete the listening and centering meditation video. Learning about yourself and self-care is one aspect of lifelong learning.

Leibold, N. (2021). Listening and Centering Meditation. [video, 10 min, 55 sec]. CC BY NC.

Read: Nursing and Patient Safety at

Read: Poor Self-Care is a Safety Issue at

Submit a less than one-paged informal (title page, citations, references not needed for this assignment) typed response to the following guided questions. Number the responses to the questions.

Self-Care and Lifelong Learning Assignment Guided Questions

1. Did you complete the listening and centering meditation video?

2. Do you have previous experience with centering meditation or was this your first experience? 3. Reflect and describe in four to six sentences your experience with this self-care and lifelong learning activity. This meditation experience is also a lifelong learning activity as nurses are learning throughout their life about improving health. Consider the following in your answer: what was the environment like when you did the meditation? Were you interrupted? How did the deep breathing impact how you felt? What is one takeaway point you learned from meditation?

4. Learning about yourself and self-care is one aspect of lifelong learning. Describe the impact of nurse’s providing self-care (such as through this meditation) on their safety performance as a nurse.

5. Reflect and describe your thoughts about your own role in self-care to prevent errors in your nursing practice. Explain your ideas about the physical and cognitive limitations of humans and why self-care is important to prevent errors in nursing and healthcare.

6. What is one skill you wish to develop to improve your communication skills as a result of completing this meditation?

7. Identify one possible idea for a similar self-care activity that could be used with communities or populations to promote self-care health promotion activities?

8. How might you evaluate the success of such a self-care activity with communities or populations?

Submit your responses to the course room assignment drop box. Your grade for this assignment is determined by the answers to the questions.

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