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Self Evaluation: Psychology

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You will write a 1200 (maximum) research project proposal for a study that will advance current social psychological understanding about Self-evaluation.

You should familiarise yourself with recent social psychological work that has been published since the provided article.

The proposal will introduce the topic, critically review the relevant literature, describe the novel idea (meaning: at the end of the introduction you need to hypothesized something novel based on your previous analysis of the literature)


You should familiarise yourself with the related literature, including articles relevant to your idea that have been published since the provided article.

A good way to find research that builds on the provided article is to locate the provided reference in PsycINFO and then click on the “cited by” tab.
Tesser, A., Millar, M., & Moore, J. (1988). Some affective consequences of social comparison and reflection processes: The pain and pleasure of being close. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 54, 49-61. doi: 10.1037/0022-3514.54.1.49

The has to be built from this article Tesser, A., Millar, M., & Moore, J. (1988). So you should read it and source it and build from it. Also, in the review you should cite three empirical papers (or two minimum) in depth and describe what they have done what their and state their findings.

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