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Self serving Attributions

Read the article Theranos scandal: Who is Elizabeth Holmes and why was she on trial? Links to an external site. about CEO Elizabeth Holmes and the crimes she was convicted of and part of what she experienced in her life.

After reading this article and understanding how Self-Serving Attributions could hurt others in pursuit of maintaining self-esteem, write a 2-page paper explaining this in more depth and answering the questions below. Find at least two external resources that can contribute and enhance your writing on this subject.

Before you begin your writing, determining a target to focus on. The target in this situation can be:

The individual displaying self-serving attributions
An individual harmed by the individual in some way
Another bystander
Answer the following in your paper:

At what point is an individual or another person harmed by self-serving attributions?
What emotions might the individual or another person be feeling?
How might someone feel or not feel empathetic for the individual who has taken self-serving attributions too far?
What are some things that can be done to restore the relationship with oneself or others after taking this to an extreme?
Consider how to repair trust between two people.
Explore finding a balanced emotional state even when self-esteem could be compromised

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