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Service Based Business

Question 1 a. Classify and describe in detail the characteristics of a service based on the volume of services offered or on the degree of interaction and customisation, using a suitable diagram, together with an example for each type. Why might some services, such as the role of lecturer in a University, be difficult to place in a single type of service? (50 marks) b. Identify and critically evaluate the Transformation Model of the operations of a McDonald’s restaurant. Identify two potential improvements that could be made with the operations of its restaurants, seen either through a visit to one of their restaurants, or from your understanding of its operation. (50 marks) Question 2 a. Improvement in any process can be seen as a process, where the Ideal Operation is compared to the Actual Operation. Describe in detail what this process may be, providing details of two lean models that may be used in each part of the Improvement Process. In addition, Improvements may be either ‘Kaizen’ or ‘Kaikaku’. Describe in detail what these are, using a suitable diagram to explain the relation between these two types of improvement. (40 marks) b. Describe in detail the four types of production systems, giving an example of each type. Using a suitable diagram, explain where the buffer may be present within three of these types, explaining the significance of these buffers for each of these three production systems. (40 marks) c. Describe in detail the three dimensions of variation within a process, followed by the three types of buffer used to manage these variations. Describe in detail three possible ways that process performance could be improved? (20 marks) Question 3 a. Describe in detail the influence and thinking of W. Edwards Deming in the development of the understanding of Quality. (20 marks) b. Describe in detail the Dimensions of Product Quality, giving an example of each dimension. (30 marks) c. The Fernandez-Vega Eye Institute in Spain prides itself on its quality of service. Describe in detail how the hospital might meet expectations in customer satisfaction using the Kano, based on your understanding of the case. (50 marks) Question 4 You have been asked by Mr Ruben, as a friend, to help draft a business case to ensure the survival of his bakery. Mr Ruben has asked you specifically to do a PEST+E analysis, though you wish to provide a fuller understanding of his business and situation. For Mr Ruben, therefore, draw up a detailed description and analysis using three different models: i. A PEST+E analysis, ii. The Performance Objectives of Mr Ruben’s bakery, iii. A further model from either Business Understanding, or a model from Operations Management (though do not use the same model that you have used in another question in this exam). Summarise your thoughts for Mr Ruben’s business. (100 marks) Question 5 Describe and critically evaluate three of the current challenges within operations management, for example digital technologies, political situation, the Covid-19 global pandemic, climate changes, or other significant changes. One of these challenges must evaluate how operations management must remain resilient following recent changes in our world.

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