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Sex Education

a- what is your experience with sex education? Please share. This could be about how you learned or didn’t learn about sexuality and gender. Or what is/was your experience learning about human sexuality (anatomy, reproduction/the act of having sex, STIs etc.), but also your education around consent, your relation to body awareness and acceptance, relationships with self and other, as well as gender identity (masculinity, femininity, transgender, non-binary, gender queer etc.) and sexual orientation (including asexuality and besides heterosexuality) about yourself and others around you? What is something you learned via sex education that didn’t does sit well for you? What is something valuable you learned from your sex education? Remember all of these questions are prompts to getting you thinking about the myriad ways sex education has impacted our lives-even if we don’t realize it.

b. What connections can you make from the readings for the week as well as from week 1, 2 and 3 to your. Please make up to 3 direct connections (meaning get specific, cite, etc.) from previous course content here.

c. Please share your thoughts on what a valuable sex education might/does look like. Talk about the benefits and downfalls  of abstinence only and comprehensive sex education programs. in your own words. Connect to the readings for the week.

d-1-2 questions about or from the readings or in general about this topic that you would like to ask your peers (questions are encouraged to be answered by the peers in the group)!

Week 4:

Week 3:

Week 2:

Week 1:

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