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Six Thinking Hats

1. Review the rubric to make sure you understand the criteria for earning your grade.
a. After the title page, begin the paper with an introductory paragraph that states your premise, the reason you are writing the paper, and includes at least three supporting sentences. In a sense, you are providing a map that will guide the reader through the paper.
b. Using separate paragraphs for each one, explain the significance of each of the six hats in the model.
c. The rest of the paper will be given to your application of the Six Thinking Hats to the following scenario.
A family-owned organization, OMA (an acronym for the three-state region of Oklahoma, Missouri, and Arkansas) is one of the premier manufacturers of potato chips for the region. They are noted for producing a high-quality product, reasonable prices, and treating their employees fairly and equitably. They also enjoy a loyal customer base as is witnessed by the number of supermarket managers who report that many people will not buy any other brand of chips.
At a recent manufacturer’s convention, the caterer chose OMA’s potato chips as the chip of choice and served them each day. They also were available during the morning and afternoon break times. Because representatives from all 50 States participated in the convention, the word soon spread across the nation.
Within weeks of the close of the convention, orders began to arrive from outside the three-state region. Of course, the immediate reaction was to write polite refusal letters reaffirming the position of OMA as a small, regional organization. However, after six months, the company had received orders from all 50 States!
You are asked to form a team that will devise a plan of action.
a. Who will you assign to the team (Suggestion: Think both about people with titles and those without titles within the organization to serve on the team.)
b. The first item of business will be whether OMA will remain a regional organization or will it expand to become a national organization.
c. How will you apply the Six Thinking Hats Model to help make the decision?
d. Your application should explore advantages and disadvantages of both situations.
d. Write a concluding paragraph that contains your conclusion and a brief statement of what you learned or how you were challenged by this assignment.
e. Do not forget to include all resources cited in the paper on the references page.
a. Write four to five pages, not including the title page and the references page, responding to the following prompts in a Word document in APA format. Students are expected to use APA’s Academic Writer and Grammarly in completing this activity.
b. Utilize and cite/reference at least four (4) sources for this paper. Sources may include books, websites, journal articles or other library sources.
c. All sources used must be relevant to some portion of this assignment.
d. See the Assessment Criteria below before you begin. The paper will be graded according to the scoring rubric.
e. Utilize clear transitional sentences to tie key thoughts together and between sections of your paper.
f. The filename for the activity should be LastName_WS6A6
4. Use Correct APA Format
a. Double-spaced.
b. One-inch margins.
c. Do not skip any lines.
d. Font should be Times New Roman, 12-point throughout the entire paper, including the running head. (Setting your computer’s default font will help ensure that this font is always used for new documents.)
e. Include properly formatted in-text citations and a references page.
f. Grammatically correct without spelling or word choice errors.

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