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So106 Intro To Sociology

Question 1

Gender Inequality

In at least 4 paragraphs (a paragraph is 5-7 sentences) write an essay in which you l describe the various theoretical explanations for gender inequity. Describe at least two social problems that are caused by gender inequity. Describe your personal experience or observed experience of gender inequity in your life. Based on your experience and the readings, what specific strategies do you think we should employ socially to further reduce the gender inequality in America?

Essay breakdown:

Paragraph 1: Theoretical explanations for gender inequity

Paragraph 2: Describe at least 2 social problems caused by gender inequity

Paragraph 3: Personal experience

Paragraph 4: Personal recommendations for overcoming gender inequity in America.

The requirement for this assignment is 4 paragraphs. Should you find it appropriate to write more, please feel free to do so.


Question 2

Write two paragraphs

Global Gender Inequality

Worldwide, much of the violence against women is steeped in “traditional practices,” including honor killings, female genital mutilation, forced marriage, and dowry killings. Investigate women’s inequality related to traditional, cultural, or religious practices using one of the following websites: and/or

On the discussion board, summarize the issue related to women’s inequality and discuss how the practice is related to the cultural or social traditions, culture or religion.


Question 3

150 words

Population Growth Consequences and Solutions

Choose a country to research (note that some countries have more complete information available about them than others).

Research issues regarding population growth, urbanization, and social issues in this country related to population. Some counties, such as Australia and many European countries are experiencing below-replacement fertility, while other countries, such as Uganda, have a fertility rate around six children per woman.

Research can be found at the Population Reference Bureau ( or at the U.S. Census website (, or you may complete a web search for a specific country’s census bureau (although some are not translated into English).

The U.S. does have some census data for other countries in English. On the discussion board, in 250 words, summarize major issues related to population growth in the country that you researched. Be sure to discuss any social problems related to population

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