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Social Intelligence

Part 1– Review and summarize two articles that discuss at least two specific, essential social intelligence skills presented in this class that you need to strengthen. These need to align with qualities that prospective employers are looking for in your next job or career field.   Put the title and source of your article in APA format at the top of each article summary. Each summary should be 2- 3 paragraphs or a minimum of 250 words for each article.  Choose articles that directly relate to your specific career goals (mine is to be a professional golfer)
Part 2 — Based on what you have learned in class and from your article reviews, on the last page of the paper, describe the skills that you possess for the job you are seeking and HOW you will apply and use those skills.  From the research, we know that employers choose candidates who can demonstrate WHY they are the best candidate for the job by giving specific examples and HOW they will attain the goals of the company or perform the duties required.  A minimum of 300 words for this section is required.
From a personal perspective, this will enable you to identify your strengths and areas that need to be addressed.  The more information you have, the better prepared you will be.
Example:  One of the skills required for a manager’s position was to meet individually with their unit’s employees and provide a verbal evaluation as well as a written evaluation report.  The student, who had just graduated from college, was asked HOW they would implement this process.
Because each job requires different skill sets, it is helpful for you to research the company itself. For example, by looking an organization’s track record, what benefits in addition to salary, better prepares you to decide if YOU want to be a part of this company or look elsewhere.

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