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Socio-Cultural Identity

Socio-Cultural Identity Pie Assignment

Purpose:  The purpose of this exercise is to help raise awareness of your multiple identities and assess your understanding of these identities.

Directions: Reflect on all of the socio-cultural identities that make you the unique individual you are. Consider identities like race, gender, ethnicity, sexual identity, disability status, physical appearance, citizenship, nationality, religious affiliation, socio-economic status, and any other cultural group memberships to which you belong.

Make a list of all the identities that are you are most and least aware.

Then, to visualize this task, using a method of your choice, draw a circle and then draw a “slice” in the circle that represents your awareness of each identity. The size of each slice reflects how often you think about the social groups that identify you.

For the socio-cultural identities that you are most aware, section off a larger slice. 
For the socio-cultural identities that you do not think about daily, give them a smaller slice. 

In the end, your pie might look something like the following examples:

Select HERE to view examples of ways to complete the drawing.

Share your insights from this exercise by writing a 500-word essay that considers the following questions:

Which identities are you most aware of and why? 
Which identities do you take for granted and not think about as often? Why are you not as aware of them? 
How did it feel to create your social identity pie? 
How does this exercise relate to diversity, equity, and inclusion matters?

Note: Your final submission for this assignment should include your socio-cultural identity pie diagram along with your essay.

Submission Details
Upload file of your pie drawing by the assigned due date.
Be sure to correct any spelling, grammar, or punctuation errors before you post.

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