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Sport Business or Sport Media Analysis Paper

tudents will develop a two pages paper which analyzes a social issue in sport as presented by one media news report.

The article shall:

Be from a reputable news source (not a wiki, not a social media post, not a team or athlete website)

The paper shall:

Summarize the media article in 2-3 paragraphs
Describe  and discuss the social issue reflected by the situation as reported in the media article –
Why is this an issue?
Who are the stakeholders for this issue – in other words who is affected by the issue? 
What is the historical context of this issue?  Is it a new issue, has it improved or deteriorated?
Apply one social theory to the situation the article presents.
Manage the issue  – Provide 2 -3 paragraphs stating alternative courses of action you suggest to address this situation.
Support: Your observations and comments with academic and professional resources beyond the media article.  Use of at least one academic journal article discussing your chosen social issue is required to support your paper.  A website does not meet this requirement, however websites from reputable journalistic sources may also be used elsewhere in the paper.

Length: Two pages, double spaced

Format: APA style citations

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