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Sports Management

Issues Reflection #1
Historically, the media and sport organizations have grown to develop a symbiotic relationship that has
allowed both rise to the levels of popularity today. However, this relationship has not always been
without controversy.
For example, several times in the past sport organizations have resisted technological advances and
proposals from the media. These are highlighted by the resistance to the adoption of radio and
television. This hesitancy was due to the fear that both technologies would eventually keep fans from
attending in person events, thereby leading to a loss of revenue. We know that this is not the case and
every level of sport are experiencing record revenues.
The next technological advancement that was adopted by sport organization was proliferation and
wholesale of adoption of the internet and all associated technologies. The advancement of web
technologies has opened new possibilities for sport organizations that traditionally have been the
purview of media organizations.
Today, sport organizations have essentially become their own media departments due in large part to
the internet. In the past, sport organizations have relieved on mediated communication channels (e.g.
through the media) to tell their story and drive narratives; in today’s landscape organizations no-longer
need to rely on these communication channel, and can tell their stories directly to stakeholders.
1. Is this shift in the relationship between organizations and the traditional media a positive for the
landscape or a negative? Please explain.
2. Can an organization completely exclude traditional media in public relations efforts and still be
3. In your opinion, what should be the next evolution of this relationship be?
1. Submit as a word document, size 12 font, 1” margins.
2. Format using APA 7th edition. This includes a title page, running header, page numbers, proper
citations and reference page.
3. A minimum of five references to support your arguments.
4. PROOF READ thoroughly

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