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Sports Performance Analysis Report

The Analysis of passes that lead to a chance created at EPL level


Performance and match analysis in the sport of football plays a crucial role in most elite/professional level teams these days. At some elite level clubs there is a whole team including a match day and post-match analyst, opposition analyst, recruitment analyst and a youth team analyst (Murray 2011). It has established itself as a pivotal tool in which coaches can best measure, analyse and improve a team’s performance (Duckett).  There are many aspects in which can be observed, noted and analysed but I will be look to analysing the passing of a team at premier league level. The purpose of this report will be to analyse an successful opposition team’s passing from the lead up to a chance on goal from the EPL and to thereafter provide clear results that can be easily interpreted and used by a coach to aid the performance of the team by trying to counter-act there patterns of play. Passing within football can vary from long to short, to feet or in behind, lofted or along the floor. All these combinations of various passes moulds how a team plays. A prime example being Tiki-taka once performed and still to a certain extent by Barcelona fc which involves a lot of short and snappy passes to player’s feet. A contrasting style could that of West Ham whereby they use the long pass in a high amount of occasions to go forward and create attacking chances. These different variations shows that all teams utilise different passes, in different amounts and with varied degrees of effectiveness and therefore understanding what passes a team uses is key in preparing how to set up defensively to stop the opposition from being successful.

Aspect of the sport

As I have already stated in the introduction I will be focusing on the passing build up play to chance on goal. Passing is key


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