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Strategic Human Resource Management (Module HRM3007)

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(a)Identify and explain 3 Human Resource challenges  facing organisations in any country of your choice.

(b) Select any 2 of these challenges and analyse the HR practices and strategies that organisations could or are following to overcome and tackle them.

Part (a)

  1. What is a ‘HR Challenge?’

A HR related issue that:

  • Causes problems for organisations, managers and / or employees now (or one that will do in the near future)
  • Is not easy to tackle or overcome

Discover what HR challenges exist in a country by reading.

You must provide evidence to show why each ‘challenge’ you mention is a problem and is not easy to tackle.

Use figures and/or evidence from your reading. Use sources and make sure you reference them in the essay itself (not just at the end).

Explain what problems the challenge causes if it isn’t tackled effectively.

Bear in mind the essay is 2,500 words approximately.

You have to explain the challenge, not just produce a list

Marks are mainly gained by demonstrating in depth knowledge of each challenge and by the amount of convincing arguments and evidence you put forward to show what problems it causes or can cause organisations and/or the people who work for them.

Note that your answer should not focus on any particular organization – it asks you to write about the HR challenges facing organisations in a country. Therefore you should focus on organisations in general. You may provide a few examples from actual organisations to support your answer if you wish but don’t get bogged down by writing a lot about any particular company.

For part (b)

Only use the challenges you have mentioned in part (a)

Select 2 only.

  • Can I prevent them?
  • What should they do?
  • How to improve?
  • Can give an example of company to proof, but not write too much.

Read and write about how organisations are already tackling, or trying to tackle, these 2 challenges. What are they doing and how is this helping?

Read and write about how such challenges can / could be tackled.

What constitutes ‘good practice’ in tackling a HR issue for example?

What would the components of an effective HR strategy be?

You can give examples of actual organisations if you wish but this should only be to support your answer not the main part of your answer.

Make sure you relate your ‘solutions’ to the country (this is called ‘contextualising’. Consider whether or not HR practices in Europe / USA are suitable for other regions of the world and briefly explain why or why not in your answer.

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