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Strategic Human Resource Management

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Reflective essay on learning experiences during session.
Critically rethink the future of strategic human resource management practice.

Task one 20%: Describe how your understanding of HRM has changed throughout the session
Succinct and considered reflection on learning. Demonstrated ongoing engagement in subject, group work, and/or required readings.

Information help in reflective writing:
Reflective Writing
YouTube URL:

Watch the video above to learn more about what reflective writing involves.
The specific way you approach this will depend on your personal experiences, but some questions you may want to ask yourself include: Did you go into this subject expecting something but encountered something else? Was there a particular lecture, activity, reading or moment in this subject that was particularly memorable and changed the way you thought about HRM? Was there a topic or moment that elicited a strongly negative response in you and why do you think it did that?
Then look towards the future and ask yourself: What changes, no matter how minor, have you made or will you make to your professional practice as a result of your learning experience?

Lecture slides information :
Week 1 Introduction to strategic human resource management
Week 2 Cultivating Organisation Cultures
Week 3 Recruiting and staffing
Week 4 Training and developing
Week 5 Analysing SHRM cases
Week 7 Performance Management and Feedbacks
Week 8 Employee separation and Retention
Week 9 Social Justice and SHRM
Week 10 Design your career
(I will upload all the lecture slides )

Required Readings
Western, S. (2013). Leadership and organizational culture. In Leadership: A Critical Text (pp. 107-119), Thousand Oaks: Sage.

Alvesson, M., & Willmott, H. (2002). Identity regulation as organizational control: Producing the appropriate individual. Journal of Management Studies, 39(5), 619-644.

Rivera, L. A. (2012). Hiring as cultural matching the case of elite professional service firms. American Sociological Review, 77(6), 999-1022.
Zanoni, P., Janssens, M., Benschop, Y., & Nkomo, S. (2010). Unpacking diversity, grasping inequality: Rethinking difference through critical perspectives. Organization, 17(1), 99.
(I will upload the pdf file of each readings )

Group Work:

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