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Strategic Plan Report (Report Format)

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  1. The company you choose to analyse must be an Australia company.


  1. The reference must be in Harvard style. You must search out at least 6 articles (do not use more than 2 books as references please) and the page numbers of your quotations must be included in the in-text references. The company information can be found in the databases like IBISWorld, the company website or annual report.


My tutor required us to use our school online library to do the research:

But you can use the Google Scholar to do the research.

  1. The writing style should be similar as Assignment 1, that’s why I find you again.
  1. In this report, you are expected to critically analyse the strategy and competitive environment of a company, a product, or an industry sector, of your choice. This can be a profit, or non-for profit organisation. You will be expected to provide background information, analyse current strategy (including strengths and weaknesses), using at least two analysis concepts discussed in the course, and in your first assignment, and make recommendations for future strategy.

The report needs to contain the following sections:

  1. Title page (also include the company, product, or industry sector you are examining)
  2. Introduction and background (of company, product, or industry)
  3. Methods (e.g. how you are obtaining the information/data)
  4. Analysis of past and current strategy/position using at least two concepts of analysis discussed in the course
  5. Other information that you believe may be relevant (e.g. financial performance, leadership, or other information)
  6. Recommendations for future strategy (this is a very important section and requires at least 500 words).

Recommendations should include not only the ‘what’ should be done, but also the ‘how’ (implementation) of strategy

  1. Reference list
  2. Appendices (*Optional)

As mentioned in above information, we just include 1. Title page 2. Intro 3. Method 4. Analysis 5. Other information 6 . Recommendation 7. Reference 8. Appendices

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