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Strategic Planning or Management Processes

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Instructions – Describe 3 strategic planning or management processes or assignments that you led from end to end in the past five years, referencing the 4 competency domains and the subdomain steps. Reference the tools and techniques that you used for each part of the process or assignment described. Provide number of people in the organization for which the strategic plan was developed (minimum organization size 25 people – including staff, contractors and volunteers).
Domain 1: ENGAGEMENT | 1A: Culture of Strategy Management and Agility | 1B: Planning Team Expectations
This domain focuses on creating an internal focus toward strategy. Managing to strategy enterprise-wide. Monitoring external factors that could require a pivot in strategy. The domain also includes how a facilitator of strategy planning needs to comprehend the unique nature of the organization and its leadership and tailor the planning process to optimally engage interest, commitment and follow through on chosen strategy.

Domain 2: STRATEGY FORMULATION | 2A: Internal and External Environmental Scan | 2B: Strategy Design and Formulation
This domain focuses on environmental scanning, including future trends, and how scanning data is integrated into the development of strategy.

Domain 3: PREPARATION FOR STRATEGY TRANSFORMATION | 3A: Alignment of the Organization Design with Strategy | 3B Alignment of Operations with Strategy | 3C: Operational Planning for Implementation
This domain focuses on readiness and preparing for execution. Assessing the current state of the organization and putting the key pieces, such as the proper organizational design, talent, and other resources in place to optimize execution of strategy.

Domain 4: STRATEGY EXECUTION, GOVERNANCE AND EVALUATION | 4A: Strategy Execution and Transformation | 4B: Governance and Decision making | 4C: Strategic Performance Management.
This domain focuses on the process of executing the strategy, accountability systems in the execution phase and the decision-making process (who, how, when) when the trajectory needs adjustment.

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