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Strategy Mapping

Review the assignment for next week, Proposing Market Entry Strategies. Pay particular attention to the health care organization described in the assignment. You will use this information to create a strategy map for the organization.

You can find an example strategy map on p. 258 in Healthcare Marketing: Tools and Techniques. You can also see additional examples using the links below:

Define Your Business with a Strategy Mapping TemplateLinks to an external site..
Strategy MapLinks to an external site..
A Complete Strategy Map Template (Including Examples)Links to an external site.. There are health care-specific strategy maps in the third and fourth examples on the page.
The strategy map you create will help prepare you for the assignment next week and will be the focus of what you will share in the discussion for this week.

In the discussion, respond to the following. Be sure to respond to all parts of the following questions in order to earn full credit.

Create a strategy map for the Ajo Medical Center.
For the discussion, share an image of your strategy map or a description of what you created and provide rationale for why you arranged the strategy map as you did. Discuss whether you found the process of creating a strategy map helpful. Why or why not? Is this something you will use in your role in health care? Explain why you will or will not use this process.

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