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Supply Chain Management

1st Discussion:

Using the Winter Storm Scenario, please consider for your (downtown located) organizational supply chain management activities and responses.

Based upon what you have been able to find out, Saint Leo City did activate an Incident Command, but not until well into the week of the ice storm. Also, you never received any feedback on the water that your organization provided prior to the storm actually hitting. In fact, you realize that you have received no communication via the incident command and don’t even know if there are planning meetings. You know that with your supply chain expertise, you could really help in the Logistics Branch.

What do you think Saint Leo City could have done better to prepare? What would you do differently? When would you start these recommendations?

For this discussion, we will use a realistic inbound Winter Storm Scenario like the events in Texas in 2021. Each scenario/discussion will provide an update to the information and some topics for discussion. Please answer accordingly and for your (downtown located) organizational supply chain management activities and responses.

2nd Discussion:


Tuesday, 8:00 AM – As the day begins, 1 inch of ice remains underneath the snow covering. Several major roads have been cleared, but most secondary roads remain impassable. Most businesses remain closed, including many gas stations, banks, and grocery stores. Many cell towers were damaged during the storm and phone service remains spotty. Saint Leo Utility Co. Is still overwhelmed; so much of the infrastructure- power lines and poles- is damaged that they estimate it may be a week or more to completely restore power to all affected areas. You are not able to assess your facility to determine if there has been any damage.

Based upon this update, how have your concerns changed? Do you have any new concerns? What information are you sharing with your employees? How are you now communicating this information? Are you trying to locate or account for all employees? How? Do you now have redundant systems or plans of communication if the primary method does not work? Is anyone working on-site? How do you communicate with them? How do you communicate those on-site issues and resolve them? Your organization has multiple locations and some are functional outside the affected area. How would you continue operations in those areas?


– Provides concrete examples from the readings to support postings

– Integrates personal observations and knowledge in an accurate and highly insightful way.

– Posts are organized and information is presented in a logical sequence

– Includes 2 or more outside sources to support and enrich the discussion. Sources are properly cited in APA format.

PART 2: Case Study Assignment 1 (1.5 PAGE) – 2 references

For this Case Study, read the following:

· “Resilient Response and Recovery at Western Digital: After the Thai Flood” (opens in a new window)

· “Thai floods affect Honda’s global output”(opens in a new window)

Answer the questions below and submit to the Assignment folder no later than Sunday 11:59 PM EST/EDT. (This Assignment folder is linked to Turnitin.)

1. What did Western Digital and Honda do in order to sustain their employees during the months that the plants were closed?

2. Should they have provided additional assistance to them in some way?

3. What about other local flood victims and the broader community?

4. Considering that these plants in Thailand are located in an area that is prone to flooding, should these companies consider shifting production elsewhere? Why or why not?

Case Study 2 – 2 pages and 2 references, see below case studies.

The two defense forces case studies outline various disruptions to supply chain operations and these can be categorized as breakdowns in general. However, given that all logistical challenges were in the absence of enemy engagement…

1) Could you identify the true source of supply chain disruption?

2) Consider supply chain disruptions experienced in your own organization. Perhaps poor supplier performance has influenced operations. Can you search for and provide a few clues as to what may have caused these situations at a deeper level?


– The work is technically well written demonstrating good organization of thought (introduction, transitions, conclusion); proper APA format; careful attention to sentence structure, grammar, punctuation, and spelling.

– The work demonstrates a maturity (breadth and depth) of understanding and scholarship per the description in the workshop for this assignment. It identifies, analyzes, and communicates key ideas both in a concise and precise manner.

– The work demonstrates appropriate support for ideas from coursework, outside research, or examples.

– The work demonstrates a high level of engagement and original thinking through the development of new insights and applications to other contexts.

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