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Sustainability And Public Health

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Any current public health event, ongoing problem, or concern that includes sustainability and public health, EXCLUDING chronic diseases and pollution. Examine this public health event, problem, or concern and propose a solution.

The article needs to be published within the last six months from a reputable source; Sources of these topics have to be from a reputable source (these may include online or print newspapers or scholarly journals). For example, APHA�s Public Health NewsWire is an acceptable source to find a current event, but it not an adequate article itself. Factsheets are not acceptable sources for the current issues paper. Also, 6 references are needed.

You will include a the following: cover page, abstract, body of the paper (3-4 pages), reference, and appendix sections. the paper will include APA style headers reflecting the required elements for the paper (introduction, cause and severity, etc.). You must cite every source in your paper in APA format.

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