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Sustainability In Logistics and Supply Chain

Select, review and discuss a meaningful real case-study related to the topic of Sustainability in Logistics and Supply Chains. You can focus on any real company you want as a casestudy (the size does not matter) as long as the company should have faced a sustainability aspect in the field of logistics and supply chain. You can use the web or any scientific journal to identify your reference, but please do not use trivial examples from textbooks, etc. Your slides should be self-explanatory to understand the main key points of your problem and to appreciate its benefits. Your talk should cover the following items: (a) Introduce the company and what it does clearly, introduce its SC and explain the reason for which the sustainability aspect is arising (b) Describe the specific sustainability problem you are considering, its details and why it is challenging (c) Describe the solution method used to solve the sustainability problem and discuss the strengths and the weakness of such approach (d) Show the benefits behind using sustainability techniques to solve such a problem

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