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Sustainable Energy Technologies

Choose one of the debates provided  since it an individual work and write down a case study by following the below guideline, the first debate would be better to be chosen. more information is provided in the attached file. allots should be about 4-5 pages.

The Project and/or Case study Reports are expected to be divided into sections meeting the general
requirements of a formal engineering technical report/paper. Some of the sections may be combined or
subdivided as fit. However, the essence of all the sections should be integrated as the Project Report is
developed. An engineering report is not a collection of information only. It should have a finely tuned
structure that a reader can follow it easily and be informed about the subject matter (as listed on the title)
through the information presented in the report. The following format of sections is suggested as a
general guide:
1. Title page (Project title, contributors/authors, course name and number, level of contributions, date,
and any other essential information)
2. Summary (Abstract or executive summary)
3. Table of contents, List of Figures, Tables if any… (include page number – follow textbook format)
4. Introduction and background
5. Methodology
6. Process description and discussion
7. Conclusions and recommendations
8. Reference

Sustainable Energy Technologies

1. The hallways of a three-story building in Toronto, Ontario use 800 lights per floor, and each light
is an incandescent bulb rated at 60 W.
a. Estimate the amount of energy that could be saved in August by turning the lights on when the
sun sets and turning them off when it becomes light (during daylights).
b. Assuming that the power for the lights comes from a 30% efficient coal-fired power plant,
estimate the amount of CO2 that would be saved with this conservation measure. Assume that
the chemical composition of the coal is CH0.8 and that coal has a heating value of 29 MJ/kg.
c. Assuming that the power for the lights comes from a 40% efficient natural gas-fired power
plant, estimate the amount of CO2 that would be saved with this conservation measure. Assume
that the natural gas has a heating value of 50 MJ/kg.
d. Repeat case b and c above if all the incandescent bulbs were replaced by 7 W LED light bulbs
(equivalent to 60 W) and they were on continuously.
e. Prepare a brief report, making recommendations for reasonable conservation measures.
2. Steam generated in a power plant at a pressure of 8,600 kPa and temperature of 500 oC is fed to a
turbine. Exhaust from the turbine enters a condenser at 10 kPa, where it is condensed to saturated
liquid, which is then pumped to the boiler.
a) Determine the Carnot efficiency of the cycle.
b) Sketch the Rankin power cycle (T-S) of the problem
c) Determine the thermal efficiency of a Rankine cycle operating at these conditions.
d) Determine the thermal efficiency of a practical cycle operating at these conditions if the turbine
efficiency and pump efficiency are both 0.75.
e) If the rating of the power cycle of part (d) is 80 MW, what is the steam flow rate and what are
the heat transfer rates in the boiler and condenser.
f) Using part (e) data, find the mass flow rate of the condenser cooling water, in kg/h, if cooling
water enters the condenser at 15 oC and exits at 35 oC.
g) Using part (e) data, find the flow rate of natural gas used in the power plant.
You may need some information which is not provided in the problems (open format and open ended
problem). For each problem, write your scientifically valid assumptions and list the reliable source(s)
of information that you have used. Each student can use different sources of information and may make
different sets of assumptions. Use Steam Tables for solving problem 2.

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