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Teaching in Rural and Remote Communities

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Teaching in Rural & Remote Communities
Assignment 2: Support Kit for Beginning Teachers (60%)
Due Date: 10th October, 2016.
At Sandy Plains State School, we have a regular but steady turnover of staff, which means
we frequently work with beginning teachers.
Beginning teachers face a range of complexities in rural and remote locations. Influencing
these complexities can be location and context of the school or the school community, the
individual teacher�s experience and background, systemic and political pressures, among
other influencing factors.
Throughout the semester, you have explored a range of these complexities that are faced by
beginning teachers in rural and remote locations. Consider these complexities and select
two. Address and analyse these challenges, providing solutions or strategies that will enable
future teachers to thrive when teaching at Sandy Plains State School.
Your analysis, solutions and strategies should refer to relevant policies, appropriate
resources, and agencies or support personnel that a teacher might be able to access.
Your support kit should provide a beginning teacher with a clear understanding of the
complex issue itself and the contexts surrounding this issue, as well as a clear path forwards
in addressing the issue. This path forward can be informed by any of the AITSL Standard
domains of professional knowledge, professional practice, or professional engagement.
You should also identify which Professional Standards relate to the issue at hand and how
they align with the strategies suggested in your support kit for teachers.
Presentation is to be in an essay format. You should aim for a maximum of 2000 words in written format.

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