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The development of a warfare technology, its use in warfare, consequent different uses it finds in civilian life, and how these uses change society

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Take into the following considerations when completing this essay.

While writing ask yourself the same questions the reader will ask: Why do you believe this?, Where did you get that?, and Why should this claim be credible? If you answer these types of question by providing footnotes, you will avoid plagiarism. In addition you relieve yourself of the burden of defending someone elses ideas or judgements. One common-sense exception: common information, such as the date of Edisons birth, does not need to be cited.

A grade of 0 will be assigned if a I suspect a student has submitted a purchased essay. The onus on the student to prove that his or her essay has been written by the student him or herself. If it is suspected that an essay has been purchased, the student will have to supply background research notes and essay draft revisions as evidence of his or her own work. *** Please provide me with a brief outline and multiple stages of draft revisions ***

If you chose a research topic, the essay must also be based on SIX relevant scholarly sources, which must be listed in your bibliography. Three book-length sources must be used (minimum).

Research papers using too much Internet material will be given a low grade. No more than 25% of your paper should come from Internet sources – the less, the better. What is Internet material? Basically, it is information gleaned from websites. Scholarly articles obtained from electronic journals through JSTOR and other online library sources DO count as scholarly materials – they are not Internet material. However, you must use full articles, not extracts available from library search tools.

Note: if you use classic Chicago style footnotes (number in essay body, footnote information at bottom of page or end of essay) no bibliography will be required.

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