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The Digestive System

1. Define the terms peristalsis and segmentation. Where do each of these processes occur in the gastrointestinal tract during the digestive process?

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2. List four accessory organs to the digestive tract and share their location as well as their main contribution to the digestive process.

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3. The pH of gastric juice is 2, which is very acidic. What is the main chemical responsible for this low pH, and how does the stomach lining, which is composed of epithelial cells, endure this corrosive environment?

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4. Define the following processes and describe the main areas of the nephron where each of these occurs: filtration, absorption, and secretion.

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5. What is a urinalysis, and what are some ways it can be used? List the physical characteristics of healthy urine. Specific gravity and pH values are commonly measured by urinalysis. Define and list the healthy ranges for each.

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