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The Global Dimension of Management

Consider how the transformation plan that you wrote in Weeks 1–4 may need revision to account for the global dimension of management and competition presented this week.

Revise Stages 1–4, taking into consideration the following issues:

· Your company is already competing in foreign markets. Will your company enter new foreign markets as a part of your transformation plan? If so, what entry strategies do you recommend? If not, explain.

· What changes, if any, are you recommending to your organization’s structure in its existing or potentially new foreign markets?

· Does your company face political risks in its foreign markets that need to be addressed? Explain.

· Do you anticipate developing strategic alliances with foreign partners? Explain.

· Doh, Luthans, and Gaur (2024) caution managers about the risks and pitfalls they may face when pursuing global transformation. How do you suggest your company minimize the likelihood of negative outcomes from its global endeavors?

· What other global issues do you need to consider as a part of your transformation plan?

Conduct additional research to supplement the global information that is provided in your case study.

Include, where appropriate, applicable graphs, charts, tables, and figures, which are excluded from the page count minimum.

Indicate the revisions you made with bold, italics, or highlighted text so that your faculty member can easily see the changes.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

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