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The link between juvenile justice and drug crime

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Once your topic has been approved, you will begin writing your research paper. It should include the following components:

i. Statement of Problem � This is your approved abstract, which is now the opening paragraph of your paper.

ii. Discussion of Theory � Discuss the theory you have chosen. Include how itdeveloped, those who contributed to its development, and its major points. Also, include a discussion of what the theory originally stated and how that has

iii. Literature Review � Select a minimum of 3 current and relevant research articles that pertain to your topic. These articles must be from a peer reviewed journal (I have provided a brief list in the Helpful Resources section of Blackboard). You may not rely solely on your text for this assignment. The point is to do research.

iv. Conclusion � Your final paragraph should include a brief summary of what your research shows, important issues to be addressed in future research, and any final thoughts.

v. Reference Section � Include all outside sources used in your paper in a reference section using APA formatting. See the Course Syllabus for more information on
APA Style.

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