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The Logic of Stupid Poor People

This is based of the article “the logic of stupid poor people” by tressie Mcmillian

Rhetorical Analysis Checklist

● A clear thesis that states your stance on if the author was rhetorically successful in their argument, and lays out how you will specifically prove this. (Argument does not need to be black/white; you can state some parts were effective and other parts were not)
● Examine the context of the article: who is the speaker? When was the article written? Where was it published? What (event/post/etc) caused them to write this article?
● Examine the author’s purpose: Why are they writing and what are they trying to prove? Who is their intended audience?
● Look for evidence: Do they bring in evidence (personal or outside sources) What types of evidence do they bring in? What is the effect of this?
● Examine the author’s tone: how would you describe the tone of the essay?
● Is the writing informal or formal?
● Examine the writing choices of the article: Are there any unique, interesting writing moves that impacts the message?
● Examine the rhetorical appeals the author makes: Do they make an appeal to pathos, logos, and/or ethos?
● Analyze the writing choices & rhetorical appeals: What is the effect this has on the reader?
● Bring in quotations to back up your analysis/points with proper MLA in-text citations, and a MLA Works Cited page
● Tie it back to the rhetorical situation & your thesis: are these writing choices the author makes appropriate to effectively reach and convince their intended audience?

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