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The Nuremberg Race Laws

FALL 2023
This paper involves reading 2 articles-The Nuremberg Race Laws and Kristallnacht.
The story takes place in 1930’s Germany. The real question to discuss is whether it is happening again today.
Below are some issues you might discuss. It is important that you quote from the articles to support your answers. It is also important that there is a flow to your paper, so it does not feel that you are just answering questions.
Nuremberg laws
• How do the laws define Jews?
• What affect did this have on Jewish population?
• How did German people react?
• How did other countries respond?
• If the U.S. did this to certain groups today, what do you think the reaction would be?
• One of ramifications of the laws was the shooting of a Nazi diplomat by a Jew
• How did Hitler react?
• Discuss the burning of Jewish tons and books. Compare to book banning in U.S. of
• groups people do not like.
• Compare to white supremacists’ actions in U.S. today.

The above are just some ideas. You may use the above or any other way you wish to discuss these articles. Compare this to a country that is targeting certain groups today. Some examples, but not all are-China, Russia, Myanmar, India
It is important to compare these articles to what is happening today in U.S. and around the world.
Pages: 4-6 You may do more but maximum 8 pgs. Done online
Date due: Thursday Nov 16, 2023
Late papers: 10 pts. deducted for each day late, with max. of 30 pts. deducted. You MAY hand in early. I do not read drafts but if you come to my office with bullet points I will guide you

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