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The Political, Legal and Ethical Issues of Immigration Control

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Identity, Heritage, Equality, Discrimination and Oppression.
Josephine was only 6 years old when both her parents were killed in Angola’s civil war. Josephine cannot remember exactly what happened to her parents, but she thinks they were shot by the police. She was taken in by an orphanage run by a priest after the death of her parents. When Josephine was 14 years old the priest asked her and the other orphans to help him deliver opposition political leaflets. She did this. Not long afterward, the orphanage was attacked by the police and burnt down. Josephine and the other children escaped with the help of the priest. The priest realised that Josephine was in danger and made arrangements for her to be brought to the UK. The man who brought her abandoned her outside the Home Office in Liverpool.
When Josephine applied for asylum, the Home Office did not believe that she was only 14 years old. Social Services agreed with the Home Office, so Josephine was treated as an adult and put in a house with adult asylum seekers and nobody to look after her.

1. Define the following terms:
• Inequality
• Discrimination
• Oppression
• Autonomy

2. List the challenges Josephine will face in terms of inequality, discrimination and oppression. Explain, why this might be the case.

3. Identify ways to prevent inequality, discrimination and oppression for Josephine.

4. What is the legal status of Josephine? Identify relevant legislation to back this.

5. How could Josephine’s autonomy be promoted?

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