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The Research Chart

The Research Chart is a tool you will use every week to explore methods during this entire course. It will comprise key points of each method and you will add to it for each weekly requirement, except for the Signature Assignment weeks. Since this is the first week of the course, you will create more than what will be added in subsequent weeks, so you are encouraged to use the same chart and build on it as you work through this course.
For your initial chart, include the following in your submission:
First, create three main sections: 1) Experimental, 2) Quasi-Experimental, and 3) Non-Experimental. (In the first Section of the course, you will focus on adding quantitative topics. Qualitative topics will be added later in Section 2.)
Then, for this week, in the corresponding section, provide the name(s) of the method you reviewed, its primary use and when it should be used (what circumstances), strengths and limitations of the method, ethical considerations, and one example of when the method could be used (include your interests or something more general).
The chart can be organized in any manner that works for you, such as an Excel Spreadsheet or a Word Document using the table feature. Include headings according to the appropriate methods being developed. The goal is to create a clear and concise chart. You may use pointed (bullet form) discussion points or more narrative text within your chart.
Length: Research chart, not including title and reference pages.

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