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Theorist portfolio

Step 1: choosing a theorist; John Bowlby – attachment theory.
Please do some research on this topic. Learn the theory and it’s stages/steps/levels you chose well. Look up the theorist and his background. What were the origins of how he came up with the theory? What did his work entail prior to becoming a developmental theorist (you’ll discuss his background briefly)
You’ll also need to find an article that discusses a cultural practice that is not common or well known in the western world. You will discuss what stage/step/level coincides with this cultural practice both aligns and does not align with the theory you chose.
Step 2: make a Canva account using the infographic tab.
Step 3: Using the theory you chose, select childhood memories that closely align with each stage/step/level of the theory and outline how those memories parallel to each stage/step/level (this can be done on a word document). I don’t have anything in mind so you can something believable up.
Step. 4: You’ll need to include all of the following in your infographic:
• A photo of your theorist
• A brief biography of how he came to develop his theory (3-5 lines max)
• A table or chart showing how your stages progress
• An explanation of your own experiences and how they align with each stage of your theory (how well you explain the connection will determine a large chunk of your grade on this assignment- please make sure you are explaining it thoroughly)
• An explanation of the cultural practice you found (1 paragraph) and how it both aligns with the theory and how it does not align with the theory (1 paragraph)
• This is a creative project, so add colors, graphics, photos (you can use your own or simply stock photos that represent you)
• All of your references must be included in APA 7th edition (the textbook, where you found the information on your theorist, and the article)

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