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Theory Portfolio

the main goals is to develop a “theory portfolio.” You portfolio should consist of 10 theoretical perspectives and each entry should consist of 1-2 pages that includes the following aspects:

Provide an overall summary of the theory (4 points)
Summarize the most important theoretical predictions and assumptions proposed by each theory (2 points)
Note the key strengths and weaknesses of the theoretical model (2 points)
In addition to using the main theorists listed below, add one more author, of your choosing from your reading list, that furthers the original theory and provide a short summary of their contribution to the theory (2 points)

Your theory portfolio should follow this format:

Deterrence – Beccaria, 1764
Biological theories – Lombroso, 1876
Psychological theories – Goddard, 1914
Social Disorganization – Durkheim, 1893; Shaw & McKay, 1942
Anomie – Merton, 1938, 1968
Strain – Agnew, 1985, 1992, 2001
Subcultural – (you can pick two from this list) Miller, 1958; Cloward & Ohlin, 1960; Wolfgang & Ferracuti, 1967; Anderson, 1999
Social control – Hirschi, 1969
AND Social Bond – Gottfredson & Hirschi, 1990
Differential association – Sutherland, 1934-1947
Learning theory – Bandura, 1973

As you can see from the list above, there are only two theories where both of your options are chosen for you (i.e., Social Disorganization; Social Control and Social Bond), for each of the other theories, you may choose your own second author to use. Additionally, the reason you may find more than one year listed for some authors is to draw your attention to how they have advanced the original theory.

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