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To develop a report on a criteria audit conducted of Cholecystectomy Surgery

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To develop a report on a criteria audit conducted of Cholecystectomy Surgery at Curtin University Hospital

Task:   To develop a report on a criteria audit conducted at Curtin University Hospital.

Topic: Cholecystectomy Surgery – use scanned hospital records, how well the hospital is adhering to the guidelines for cholecystectomies set by the Royal Australian College of Surgeons.

Then you are required to design a data collection sheet that you will use to complete a criteria audit on 20 cases.

In particular, the data collection sheet should:

  • Clearly identify the type of audit and facility.
  • Provide a listing of criteria and boxes to audit each response (e.g. Yes, No, NA).
  • Allow entry of a UMRN or other unique identifier (for the de-identified cholecystectomy records the case number is the unique identifier).
  • Collect demographic data (e.g. gender, DOB) and for the cholecystectomy audit the surgical/admission data (e.g. admission and discharge date, operation date).
  • Provide a section or code to identify the auditor.
  • Allow for comments – both general comments and criterion specific comments (these will be useful to refer to later when reporting and discussing your findings).
  • Be visually appealing but professional.

You are then required to write the following sections of your Criteria Audit report:

  1. Introduction (150 words): (Reason for the study. Description of the aspects of care/service being monitored.)
  1. Background & literature review (350 words):
  1. Curtin University Hospital (make this up) (Hospital (including hospital type, bed number, caseemix etc. & stats)
    1. Specific information about (cholecystectomy surgery)
  1. The use of audits and (cholecystectomy surgery)
  1. Rationale ( 200 words): (Explanation of the reason for criteria / criterion choice)
  1. Objectives (The number of objectives should be limited, as the greater their number, the more extensive the study. Start objectives with: “to ascertain…”, “to determine…”, “to investigate…” use ‘action’ words’. )
  1. Criterion (All criteria used in the study should be documented.

A simple listing of the criteria is preferable for your final report).

Methodology (150 words):

  1. Who collected the data
  2. How was the data collected
  3. Methodology used eg. questionnaire, criteria audit, concurrent review.
  4. Study parameters eg timeframe, any exclusions.
  1. Appendixes
    1. Blank data collection form (as specified above)


  • Do not use any patient/staff names in the report

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