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Transgender Business Case Study

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There has been much in the news recently about transgender individuals and potential discrimination based on their gender identity. In fact, the issue has been raised in Elko this year so it is not just a big city concern. For this key assignment, you are to write a properly APA formatted paper addressing the questions posed below. After reading the case, the articles, viewing videos, and performing additional high quality research, you should develop a new appreciation of the challenges faced by business owners meeting legal requirements in the 21st century. Note that this is a specific and real concern for society but as a business owner, it will become your concern too.

Approach the subject from the following perspective.

You are a business owner in rural Nevada that is public facing (you deal with customers face to face each day) and employ at least 20 people. Think of a retail store, a restaurant, medical clinic, casino, counseling center, etc. I am using this scenario to make the assignment easier for you to consider.

To get you started, view the following pro-transgender rights John Ralston interview conducted in October 2015 about the Elko situation (Links to an external site.)and then view an anti-transgender rights ad in Houston. (Links to an external site.)
Additional instructor supplies materials are available in the Announcements section of the course under the heading “Case to Develop Critical Thinking”, including the actual case you are to read and study. For your convenience, I have also included the actual case link attached.

The questions you are to address are listed below. Although two of these are similar to the questions at the end of the case, address only these four in your paper.

Q1) Was Representative Barney Frank (D, Massachusetts) right to attempt to pass the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA), which would have prohibited employers from discriminating against people on the basis of their sexual orientation, without including protections for transgender workers? Why or why not? Support your position with quality data.

Q2: Should the federal and state governments pass laws prohibiting discrimination against transgender people in areas including employment? Why or why not? Support your position with quality data.

Q3: Imagine you are a business owner in rural Nevada that employs more than 20 people and is public facing. Do you believe you have the right to not hire someone who you suspect is, or who has stated they are transgender, or will be undergoing gender reassignment? Why or why not? What legal reasons would you give for declining the applicant? Provide research support for your position, not just an opinion without substance.

Q 4: Reflect on the sources of information you have explored, those included in the assignment and from your own research, in addition to this case study. Should the gender identity status of the individuals profiled have a bearing on the accommodations they have requested? Should the accommodations be made? Is it legal to deny the accommodation? Support your position with quality data and examples.

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