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Trend in Volunteerism Paper

Trend in Volunteerism Paper
Assignment Background/Context
By now there are topics related to volunteerism and leading volunteers that have grabbed your attention and
leave you wanting to know more about that specific topic. This assignment will send you on a research inquiry
to discover more information on your topic of choice.
Do you want to know more about legal issues surrounding the use of volunteers?
Have you wondered about incorporating volunteers in emergency response situations?
Do you want to know the top tips for utilizing volunteers for organizational fund raising?
How do you discipline volunteers well?
How do you evaluate volunteer performance in a meaningful way?
What are some tips for giving effective feedback to volunteers?
…The potential topics of inquiry are endless. These questions are listed just to give you examples of the many
topics that might be covered in this assignment. If you have wanted to know more about a specific aspect of
volunteerism, now is your chance to investigate that topic and add to your knowledge about leading volunteers.
Assignment Instructions
You will prepare an analysis paper of a current trend, theory, and/or model of volunteer administration or
volunteerism in general. To help clarify this assignment task, try replacing the word “trends” with “topic” or
“aspect of.” Pick out a topic of volunteerism that you would like to know more about and make that the focus of
your paper. You may have noticed an aspect of leading volunteers or a method in volunteerism that you would
like to expound upon, that would be a great subject-matter choice as well.
Do not simply rehash information that has already been covered in class. Go deeper. Be more specific. Do not
write your paper about a broad aspect of the GEMS Model. Get creative and dig deeper. Having said that, every
topic that is picked will be able to be applied within the GEMS Model. An appropriate topic would be more
specific such as the use of a specific app to generate more volunteers. Do you see the difference between broad
and specific regarding this assignment? If not, give me a call, and I will be happy to help you think through
topic ideas.
Each of you should write your own paper on a different topic than your peers. I want to see independent
thought, research, information, and reflection. This assignment submission should be specific to you and your
desire to learn more regarding a specific topic related to volunteerism and leading volunteers.
This paper should be at very least 800 words length, just to be average. Use at least one reference from either a
refereed journal article or from a magazine. You may utilize as many references as you wish. Complete this
assignment as a Word document; double-spaced, using 12-point Times New Roman font, and one-inch margins.
Follow the APA Style Manual (7 th ed.); however, an abstract is NOT needed for this assignment. Remember to
cite at least one source of your information within the content of your report and reference that source at the end
of your report. Spelling, grammar, and punctuation will affect your grade for this paper

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