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Trends in Marketing

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 Entrepreneurship and New Business Ventures
Assessment 1: Key Trends Report
Assessment Description
This is an individual assignment. . Students will analyse what they consider a key trend in a specific industry or at an intersection of two industries focusing on consumers unmet needs. This report will provide a description and assessment of the key trend, the industry/industries and a potential response/recommendation to the key trends (opportunity).
More specifically, this potential response/recommendation to the key trends should be at least one-page, describing a solution and the type of business that could take advantage of these trends. In assessing this potential response (opportunity) indicate how it differs (i.e. its innovativeness) from existing offerings, the way it creates value/ revenue and its potential to scale. The key trends should reflect critical analysis, appropriate application of relevant course content and theories, as well as demonstrating in depth creative problem solving and novel responses.
The assessed copy will contain references in the report and a reference page to demonstrate your underpinning research and material from other academic and practitioner-based sources (where applicable).
Report Format
1) Titlepage (including assignment, word count)
2) A brief introduction (1 paragraph) summarising the key trend/s and potential solution.
3) Identified Trend and Industry (or Industries if relevant) including the use of industry statistics.
4) Your response/recommendation description (1 page) outlining the way it is different/innovative (i.e. how it differs from existing offerings) and the ways it creates value including potential revenue.
5) Potential Customer (Through Persona)
6) Potential Competitors of your new solution.
7) A brief conclusion (1 paragraph).
8) Reference list and Appendices (if relevant).

Submission Details
Students are required to submit the Key Trends report via the submission point on the Assessment folder on Blackboard. The submission should be in the form of a Word document and maximum 1500 words, excluding the titlepage, references list, appendices, tables, and figures.

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