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Understanding Economics

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Visit: Labor Force Statistics from the Current Population Survey

Log into this website and find the data for the Civilian Labor Force. What has happened to the size of the labor force over the last several years? What implications does this have for the nation’s production possibilities curve?

Question 2

An interesting site. What is the current level of the U.S. public debt? Who is the Concord Coalition? How do you think this debt affects economic growth?

Question 3

Visit: U.S. Census Bureau > Income > Households

Go to the above website, scroll down to Table H2 and select “All Races.” Calculate the percentage change in the Shares of Household Income of Quintiles between 1968 and 2013. Notice the dates are in reverse chronological order. Why do you think it has changed in the manner it has? Feel free to visit the main Census page at and click on Income under People for other interesting facts.

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