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Understanding for behaviours Classroom Practice

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Subject: Education

Word limit: 2000
The purpose of this folio assignment is to produce an insightful curation of information and resources in relation to behaviour, which will help you develop your skills for practical application in the classroom. By gathering information into a folio and linking this with theoretical frameworks and practices, you are demonstrating an ability to understand and choose appropriate models for responding to and supporting a range of behaviours displayed in the learning environment. A high level analysis and rationale for including specific resources will allow you to apply different principles and practices used for establishing and maintaining a productive learning environment.

This task is assessing your ability to demonstrate that you meet the criteria for the following unit learning outcomes:

  1. Critically analyse different principles, policies and practices used for establishing and maintaining a productive learning environment.
  2. Plan learning environments that adhere to preventative models of behaviour management.

you will find or create four folio resources in response to the scenarios presented throughout the unit. The resources you submit need to respond to the corresponding scenario. An example of a folio resource could be the selection of a mindfulness app for an iPad and how this would be implemented in the classroom.

Each item in the folio needs to have a descriptive rationale that discusses how it can be related to supporting and understanding the behaviour described in the scenario. You also need to support your rationale using the theory covered in the relevant topics. You should explain any modifications you may need to make to the resource so that it better suits the scenario.

The information below provides a guide to the key points to focus on. Collaborative discussion activities based on the scenarios in the relevant weeks will assist you with the preparation and idealization of items for your folio.

Folio format

  • Each item must be clearly labelled with the week number and topic of the scenario (listed below).
  • Include all relevant information within the item. E.g. where the mindfulness app was found.
  • Keep an eye on the word limit as you are preparing your items. While there is flexibility in the amount you write for each individual item, you are strongly advised to include a minimum of 500 words for each item.
  • Note that your folio should not just be a collection of resources, rather a creation of resources with a rationale for the resource by linking this to the specific scenario and to relevant literature. If academic underpinning is not evident, then you will not pass this assignment. Utilise the expertise of your eLA to question whether the resource you have chosen to include meets the assignment criteria.

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