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Unit II Research Paper

 Unit II Research Paper Using the Waldorf Online Library,

 research scholarly articles related to the transition from a paper-based health record system to a fully integrated electronic health record system for a hospital. 

Develop a minimum of a four-page paper and incorporate the following requirements in your paper: 

1. Compare and contrast the paper-based medical record versus the electronic health record. Which do you feel is better long term? 

2. What is involved in the transition? Discuss the integration, training, and sustainability activities required for the electronic health record. 

3. What incentives are available for the hospital to adapt to an electronic health record based system? What are the consequences if the hospital does not adapt? As part of your assignment, you will create an argumentative thesis statement that clearly shows the opinion you formed with the help of your research. All sources used, including the textbook, must be cited and referenced appropriately. 

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