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Victimology: Book Review

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Below are what I would like answered but not limited too:

Intro –

Talk about Victimology and Criminology as it relates to the book “The Ride”. Talk about the differences between the two and how the “The Ride” relates to both.

Body –

  1. Talk about how victim and the victim’s family was partially to blame for him being a victim. They should have known where he was going and who he was hanging out with. They should have asked more questions about the “free bike”. Also bring in the different types of victims. You could mention that this is the ongoing controversy over shared responsibility.
  2. Talk about the news media. Talk about how the media can re-victimize the family and make them suffer even more. In this particular case talk about how the media and legislature used the death of the boy in the book “The Ride” to further their agenda and how it could have hurt if not hurt the family.
  3. Talk about how the police can victimize the family. Example: how they started to question the family and this made the family get upset.
  4. Bring in some statistics on missing children and what age group are most at risk. Use if possible information from “The Ride” to include in some stats.
  5. Finally, talk about the Restorative Justice Model and how if at all it could work in this case of the book “The Ride”. Would it work or would it just be a pointless act since the victim is dead and since the offender committed the horrific acts on the child’s dead body.

Conclusion about the book.

Remember to answer these questions based on the book “The Ride” This is a must!!

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