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Instructions Step 1: Read/watch vocabulary resources. Fundamentals Ch. 10 – Beginning Handwriting, Spelling, and Composition Instruction Fundamentals Ch. 12 – Vocabulary Development CORE Section V: Vocabulary, Introduction (pgs. 407-418) CORE Ch. 11 – Specific Word Instruction CORE Ch. 12 – Word Learning Strategies CORE Ch. 13 – Word Consciousness “Vocabulary and ELLs” section in Reading 101 for English Language Learners ( (Reading Rockets) Step 2: Review IPGO resources. Review the IPGO Guide ( . Resources referenced: Florida B.E.S.T. Standards for ELA (English Language Arts) ( ESOL Strategies Chart ( Special Ed Accommodations (IRIS Module 3, page 11) ( Special Ed Modifications (IRIS Module 3, page 12) ( Step 3: Work with your group on the vocabulary IPGO and reflection. 1. Set up a virtual meeting with your group to complete the activity on which you will base your IPGO. Be sure to record the meeting. How do I access my group space? ( groups-in-a-course-as-a-student/ta-p/353) How do I start a collaboration in a group? ( start-a-collaboration-in-a-group/ta-p/438) How do I create a discussion in a group? ( create-a-discussion-in-a-group/ta-p/350) How do I upload a file to a group? ( file-to-a-group/ta-p/278) How do I use my Zoom student account? ( You will need to submit the meeting recording MP4 or provide the meeting recording URL (preferred.) If recorded on Zoom, it is your responsibility to make sure I can access the recording. Check meeting recording access settings and provide a passcode if needed. 2. For this activity, select a strategy from the CORE or Fundamentals book that supports vocabulary instruction and develop the IPGO for that strategy using the IPGO Template – Vocabulary.docx ( . 3. Based on the IPGO, conduct a mini-teaching session (about 5 minutes) demonstrating the strategy. Be sure to demonstrate how you will modify the lesson for ELL populations. For the SPED population, identify a special ed need and demonstrate the modification for that. During role-play, you’ll have to take on different roles to address all requirements –e.g., teacher, ELL student, SPED student, general student, and other roles as needed. 4. As a group, write a short reflection on your observations while participating in the activity. Make connections to the course material. Submissions, Grading, and Feedback IPGO Submission: Select a member of your group to submit the completed IPGO: Vocabulary to this assignment dropbox. All group members can view the submission and assignment feedback/grade. Review the grading rubric to understand how you will be assessed. How do I view the rubric for my assignment? ( I-view-the-rubric-for-my-assignment/ta-p/275) How do I view rubric results for my assignment? ( Guide/How-do-I-view-rubric-results-for-my-assignment/ta-p/533) Meeting Recording and Group Reflection Submission: Select a member of your group to submit the meeting recording and reflection to a different dropbox: W8-9.7 Field Experience: Vocabulary ( . To receive full credit for the recording: Submit an accessible video file or link. Record the entire session. All members’ participation can be seen in the video. Follow all instructions and be an active participant. To receive full credit for the reflection: Total Points: 100 RED4150 IPGO Criteria Ratings Pts 12.5 pts 12.5 pts 12.5 pts 12.5 pts 12.5 pts 12.5 pts 12.5 pts 12.5 pts Produce a reflection that is about half a page, single-spaced. Key ideas are clearly stated, explained, and well- supported. Strategy Name Names appropriate strategy and textbook source (CORE or Fundamentals and page numbers.) Purpose/Connection Correctly connect purpose to the Simple View of Reading by identifying one appropriate dimension of Scarborough’s rope. B.E.S.T. Standards Identifies the appropriate standard for this lesson. Includes the standard verbiage and coding scheme. Objective Statement Creates an appropriate objective statement for the lesson using B.E.S.T. Standards. Includes all four parts of an objective statement. Materials Lists all materials needed for the strategy. Procedures Writes steps needed to implement the strategy. Uses steps provided in course textbooks only. ESOL Modification Appropriately names one way the lesson could be adjusted to support ESOL students. SPED Modification Appropriately names one way the lesson could be adjusted to support SPED students.

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